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Alpaca Pillows Alpaca Scarves Alpaca Blankets Alpaca Capes Alpaca Rugs Alpaca Bears Alpaca Sombreros Alpaca Socks Alpaca Berets Alpaca Ski Hats

Alpaca Pillows
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Alpaca Bears
Alpaca Sombreros
Alpaca Socks
Alpaca Berets
Ski Hats

Feel the difference... each time you touch a garment or accessory crafted from the luxurious alpaca fiber. Experience the beauty and pleasure of wearing alpaca in butter-soft sweaters, silky jackets and shawls, warm yet lightweight gloves and hats. Wrap yourself in a luxurious alpaca cape or treat yourself to the ethereal softness of a handcrafted alpaca teddy bear and you will quickly share our love of this exotic fiber and the beautiful and whimsical animal that creates it. Alpaca Products, Accessories, Gifts, Ladies wear, Alpaca gift lines, apparel, toys and more.

Alpaca fiber comes in an extraordinary variety of natural colors, ranging from pure white to fawns, browns, grays and a true jet black. It is much stronger and more resilient than sheep wool. And, raised for centuries on the high altiplano of South America, the alpaca has developed more thermal capacity in its fiber than almost any other animal, which creates garments that offer featherweight warmth.

We hope you enjoy the products featured on these pages as much as we do. Please be sure to keep
the South America Imports website on your list of favorite bookmarks. Inventory changes regularly. And if we don't have the item you're looking for, let us know and we'll do our best to find it for you. Our alpaca clothing has unique thermal properties and is breathable, stronger and warmer than wool, extremely durable, anti-flammable, resistant to odors, tearing, pilling, staining, moisture, static and aging. Add a little warmth to your home this winter with with extraordinary handmade accents and gifts. Explore an exclusive collection of women's alpaca clothing, jewelry, gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries and any other special occasion! Need assistance finding that perfect gift? We carry Alpaca capes, Alpaca gloves, Alpaca throws, Alpaca scarves, Alpaca hats, Alpaca sweaters, Alpaca blankets, Alpaca bears, Alpaca Pillows, Alpaca purses, Alpaca rugs, Alpaca shawls, Alpaca yarn, Alpaca fur coats, Alpaca sombreros, and Alpaca ski hats, Drop us a line at


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